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The Blackmagic Design ATEM Television Studio HD (2017 release) creates two independent mixed video channels. On one channel (the Program output stream) we mix lightboard + graphics, and record this to disk.  On the other channel (the Aux output stream) we mix lightboard + graphics + teleprompter script, and display this on the Presenter's monitor.

Below is what the multiview monitor shows (click the image to enlarge)
  • Camera 2 is the graphics (powerpoint) from a laptop computer (zebra).
  • Camera 3 is the teleprompter script, from a mac mini.
  • Camera 5 is the lightboard camera, which would normally show the presenter as well.
All three are mixed on the Preview stream (top left).  This is displayed on the Presenter's monitor, via the switcher's Aux output.

Only lightboard + graphics are mixed on the program stream (top right). This runs from the switcher's Program output to a Blackmagic Design H.264 Pro Recorder, and then is captured to disk via USB.

To set this up, assign the Auxiliary 1 output to Preview:

Set the downstream keyer and upstream keyer as shown on the next two images, and the control buttons as shown as well.

Our control desk is now cluttered with computers!

These are the settings for 1080p59.94

And here's the new 1080p59.94 capable camera, aimed at a mirror.