Buy or build?

One way to get your own lightboard is to build it, using the instructions and parts lists on this website.  The plans here are intended for a chalkboard-sized lightboard. The cost is about $8K, and you wind up with a studio, with really good lighting and really good sound. Most of the parts are easily obtained commercially. For the glass, you will need to contact a local glass company, to obtain unmarred, and tempered, glass. 

However you may prefer to have someone else do much or all of the work!   I've worked closely with Matt Anderson of Learning Glass Solutions, and with Kevin Koch of Revolution Lightboards.  Their commercial offerings are shown briefly below; visit their websites for more, or contact them directly.  

Learning Glass Solutions:

Professor Matt Anderson at SDSU independently developed a lightboard which he named "Learning Glass" (pictured above). His group is offering complete packages for sale, through their company Learning Glass Solutions. These packages include a board up to 3x5 feet in size, in a variety of configurations, including sound, video, and lighting.

Revolution Lightboards:

Revolution Lightboards offers turnkey lightboard systems ranging from  34" diagonal table top models to 97" diagonal height adjustable systems that can be used sitting or standing.

Revolution Lightboards also offers DIY lightboard kits to build a lightboard in 4x8 or 4x6 ft sizes with easy to assemble components. The steel frame, glass mounting hardware, edge lights, edge extrusions and casters are available as kits (shown below). If purchasing all these kits, the only additional item to purchase for the lightboard itself is the glass. A drawing for the glass with dimensions and specifications to give to your local vendor is supplied.